About Us

What is Cru

Cru is a global community that is passionate about connecting people toStudent Group to link to form Jesus Christ.  On campuses all over the US and around the world, Cru is helping students and faculty investigate the claims of Christ and decide for themselves what they will believe.   For students and faculty who have decided to follow Jesus with their lives, Cru provides opportunities for growth on campus and beyond.   As a community seeking to make Jesus’ name known, Cru is focused on mobilizing each generation of leaders from the campus to the world!    Cru is not a church or a specific denomination.  Rather Cru is a community comprised of individuals who belong to many different churches.  We are a community of people  rallying together over the foundational truths of God’s Word and striving to impact the lives of those around us for Christ.  Because of this unique “inter-denominational” reality, many are eager to engage with Cru as a place where they can learn about God and grow in a relationship with Him and others on campus.  We encourage you to come be a part of Cru during your time on campus.  If you need help finding a church where God is honored and His Word is taught contact us here.

What is Cru about

Facebook-4 Blocks-Get ReadyIn a short, Cru is about engaging the campus for lasting world impact.

Students and faculty are in one of the most exciting places of life—the college campus.  Unlike any other place (or likely any other time in life) the world intersects nearly every campus.  People from different countries, different cultures, and different family backgrounds all within a few footsteps away!  Everyday an increasingly diverse community of people learn, eat, recreate, relax and rub shoulders with one another.   Yet for all its diversity the campus has at least one unified rally cry.  It is the seedbed for leadership.  The experiences for most set the course for the rest of their lives!  A community of aspiring cultural influence– sitting in class; living next door; formulating pivotal thoughts and establishing key life decisions about the world we live in!   A community of people who will shape future generations,  future cultures,  communities, nations and our world.  How is your campus impacting this community of future leaders?

 Still there’s more.  The God of the universe is doing something big amongst this community of people and leaders. He is revealing himself and preparing a different sort of leader in the world today–one that is truly selfless, passionate, filled with vision and hope toward lasting change in our world.  Within this vein, Cru is preparing and mobilizing this new community of leaders.  On campus, across our nation and around the world Cru is helping leaders like these discover and experience God’s plans for our lives.

Why is it so hard to understand issues of faith?  What is faith even about?  Is God really out there somewhere?  Does He even care?  The campus is a common place where questions like these are being considered, yet the conclusions in the classroom and “whatever-you-think-is-right” attitude of our culture is leaving many hunger and wanting real and tangible answers.   Cru is engaging in the discussion alongside today’s generation of students and faculty helping many discover something real and refreshing in a personal relationship with God!


If you’re curious about what we’re talking about, take a few minutes now and explore “How you can have a personal relationship with God

Why did you come to college? What will you leave with? We hope that you’ll connect with us;  connect with God and be part of impacting our  world like never before!

Cru History

Cru-HistorySince 1951 Cru has had a presence on the universities of the U.S. and world.   What started on the UCLA campus now stretches across every state and nearly 200 countries around the world.  In the Greater Twin Ports, Cru has had a presence for close to 15 years.  In recent years, however, God is uniquely bringing together teams of Cru staff, students, and volunteer leaders to launch new movements and network together so that every student on every campus in our area will have an opportunity to know someone who is truly following Jesus.  It is an exciting time to be on campus in the Greater Twin Ports!