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Imagine a Summer That Could Transform Your Life

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Cru sends summer missions all around the world- there are many locations both stateside and internationally where you could spend your summer! In the Greater Twin Ports, we focus our stateside sending to Westby Wi Leadership TREK,  Milwaukee, North Myrtle Beach, and the Badlands. Internationally. we focus our sending to South Asia. To explore all of your options visit Cru’s Summer Mission website.

On a Summer Mission with Cru, you will:

  • Go with a team of other college students
  • Grow closer to God
  • Experience the meaning of community 
  • Bring the gospel to people who need Jesus
  • See the world through God’s eyes 
  • Learn to articulate the gospel to anyone, anywhere

The overall cost varies for each Summer Mission location and length, but the cost will cover travel, housing, ministry supplies, food and mission activities. Check out each individual Summer Mission for details. 

God faithfully provides for what he calls us to do- funding a mission trip is different than funding a high school band trip or personal vacation – this is God’s mission and God’s people will be sending you through their prayers and financial contribution. Don’t plan to pay for this trip out of your own pocket, but create space for God to provide for you in faith-growing ways! (Plus, we will help equip you to raise support)

To apply, check out Cru’s Summer Missions website